Anxiety can disrupt a woman who wants to get pregnant fast. And how, then, is it to be clear, to date in the fertile days? How to lend a hand to nature and how to get pregnant fast then? As these tips are precious, then we will now have a handbook for anyone who wants to get pregnant. This manual is intended for tempting and can cause pregnancy to occur much more quickly in a woman who ovulates normally and a man with good health and good sex and active sex life. What are the positions to get pregnant fast? Which ones work for you? So let’s start?

Pregnancy Previews

Before we think of “how do I get pregnant”, we must know that pre-pregnancy tests are absolutely necessary . They can help much to detect possible hormonal problems and prevent many frustrated attempts to detect any mishaps that may occur during attempts such as poly cystic ovaries and hormonal imbalance problems that may make it difficult to get pregnant fast. Remembering that the pregnancy is the couple then the tests have to be done by the couple to follow up ttc kit reviews 2019.

How to Get Pregnant Fast: The Position Counts in Sex Time

Yes, the position helps a lot when it comes to making the baby. A woman has her uterus normally in ante version( retro- facing), extroverted (inward-facing) or in mid-version, and the position at the time of facilitating sperm to enter the uterus can make all the difference in flow “logistics” for the sperm and thus favors for the pregnancy to happen. Women with ante versed uterus wombs may have a greater ability to get pregnant in the position of dad and mom (man over woman) because the man can ejaculate well at the entrance to the uterus and shorten the path from the sperm to the cervix. In women with extroverted uterus the most suitable position for the ejaculate man is the position in which he could stand facing the cervix ie any 4 position or even lying on his back like daddy and mom. They are small tricks that can help and a position to get pregnant can make all the difference. Another position to get pregnant and what is great for conception is the woman over , although they do not consider it the best, she is as good as the others for anyone who wants to know how to get pregnant fast you know why? Because it facilitates the female clitoral orgasm and with it the spermatozoa is more likely to raise uterus up without having to swim too much, since most of the sperm get lost through the arduous path to the ovum.

How to Discover Uterine Position?

The female orgasm causes the uterus to contract and this contraction “throws” the sperm further into the uterus. So how do you know what your uterine position is? By ultrasound! Any routine ultrasound can detect and is there in the report. AVF or RTV. The uterus varies during the cycle so tracking the phases of the mucus and cervix is important as well.

Preliminaries and Vaginal Lubrication

Speaking of positions to get pregnant fast we can not stop talking about the libido, it is very important for intercourse in which you get pregnant. Of course a very fertile couple can get pregnant in one of the famous “Quicklinks”, but a relationship in which the couple really loves each other, and if it is done with a lot of love and desire, has a better chance of resulting in pregnancy. The vaginal lubrication is also critical, and then made preliminary can assist in lubrication larger and also help inlet and motility of sperm in the cervix . If you want to give an extra boost to fertility and pleasure, add to the moment the use of the lubricating gel. You need to remember it that needs to be a fertility specific, like the Familial,since it is water based and does not contain spermicide like most. In addition to improving vaginal lubrication, it plays the role of cervical mucus facilitating the arrival of spermatozoa, in addition to improving their survival. You can buy your Familial gel here in our online store. Do you know that day that hits that T and the desire to have a relationship? It is probably a call from nature and it can become a sign that the woman is ovulating or in the fertile time ! Enjoy these moments if possible and give yourself body and soul, beautiful lingerie, a good perfume and a romantic mood maybe this is the most precious tip of this manual how to get pregnant fast.

Readers’ Questions:

Is there any food that helps to get pregnant faster?

Some foods have the power to contract the hypoglycemic indexes of the body and even increase ovulation as: yams, sweet potatoes, mannequin, corn, chickpeas, tuna and fruits such as apple, pear and plum. So if it is tempting to include these foods in your food menu to have your positive faster. If you can not include the yam in the meals even because you do not like the taste, you can take it with yam capsules , which provide the same effect and in a more practical way for the day to day. You find yam capsules here.

Do alcoholic beverages reduce fertility?

Yes, alcoholic beverages reduce male and female fertility. In the case of women, alcohol intake compromises hormone production, reduces or impedes ovulation and interferes with female gametes. In men, alcohol acts on the commitment of seminal quality, as well as its quantity.

Are there medicines that increase fertility?

In the case of women, there are ovulation inducers but they can and should only be used under medical recommendation and prescription, as well as the dosage to be used and the duration of the treatment, or fertility-enhancing vitamins such as Fertilizer that improves conditions of the ovules, leaves the cervical mucus more apparent and strong, besides providing all the nutrients necessary for the female organism to be able to get pregnant. You find your Vitamin Fertilizer here in our store. Quitting smoking and putting aside alcoholic beverages is also important, one that these addictions can lead to small changes in the development of the embryo, and consequently to unwanted miscarriages.

Have a relationship in the Fertile Period

The fertile period for rapid pregnancy occurs exactly in the middle of the menstrual cycle and lasts for at least 7 days. Therefore, it is good to note the days of your period in the calendar so that you can calculate the best days to get pregnant. You do not have to have relationship every day, but at least, every other day, especially these days.

During these days, you can also bet on the use of a vaginal lubricant that increases fertility because it contains ions of calcium and magnesium, which favor the conception by normalizing the pH of the woman’s intimate region.

Eat more vitamins and minerals

A varied and nutrient-filled diet improves the functioning of the whole body and so you should change the cookies, snacks and fast food for real food.

Wheat germ, eggs, olive oil, sunflower oil, and chickpeas are the foods that most should be consumed to get pregnant faster. These foods are rich in vitamin E, zinc and B vitamins, which favor conception by acting on the hormonal system.

But in addition, you should invest in foods that are enriched with folic acid, which are dark green in color because they contribute to the perfect formation of the baby, avoiding problems such as poor closure of the neural tube.

Eat less carbohydrates

You should avoid eating carbohydrates like rice, pasta and bread during the fertile period, to avoid changes in vaginal pH, favoring conception. Because it is very difficult to make a carbohydrate-free diet, simply remove the rice, potatoes and pasta from the main dishes, always eat whole-grain bread and various fruits throughout the day, because despite having carbohydrates, their nutrients are essential for the health of mother and baby.

Here’s a non-carbohydrate menu to get inspired

Lie after the relationship

After the relationship, it is believed that the woman should lie on her belly up for about 15 minutes without cleaning. Although this fact still lacks scientific proof, it seems easy to fulfill and experiment.

5 Tips for Getting Pregnant Faster

Keeping your body active and exercising regularly can also help you get pregnant faster because it improves blood circulation, increases sperm production and quality, decreases anxiety and stress, and improves hormonal control. You can practice at least 30 minutes of exercise every day so that it is possible to increase your heart rate or 2 or 3 times a week for 1 hour. No matter the exercise, as long as you feel good while performing, so you can choose what you most enjoy practicing. If, even after following all of these tips for 12 consecutive months, you can not get pregnant, you should seek a doctor for a more detailed evaluation and if necessary begin the pregnancy treatments, such as ovulation induction or in nitro fertilization , for example. The infertility assessment should be done with the couple, since 50% of the causes of infertility are male. See Diseases that cause Infertility in Men and Women .

Positions For Rapid Pregnancy – Tips And Tricks

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